Surveillance Services in Mississauga

PiPro Private Investigators offers a variety of surveillance and private investigation services in Mississauga, for clients across the board. We serve private individuals, legal firms, and companies looking for surveillance services in Mississauga. PiPro’s surveillance services are carefully curated to meet your individual needs and can be adjusted to cater to unexpected or miscellaneous events that crop up during the course of our investigation. 

These services are all in line with local and federal laws in place in Mississauga, Toronto, and we pride ourselves on being licensed practitioners—ensuring all the evidence we collect is admissible in a court of law.  

The following are some of the private investigation services in Mississauga we offer: 

  • Spousal Infidelity 

Statistically, once you begin to suspect your partner of infidelity, you are almost likely correct. Spousal infidelity can wreck a huge toll on your emotional, physical, and financial well-being; why not put your mind at rest and just know? 

Our private investigators in Mississauga will employ covert surveillance methods to monitor the activities of your spouse, to catch them in the act of wrongdoing. Getting proof of infidelity can play a critical role in a number of legal and arbitration proceedings—so, while you might have sentimental attachments, getting the proof of infidelity is the pragmatic thing to do. 

  • Business Due Diligence

Companies in Mississauga looking to enter into a professional relationship with another party, especially one that involves a significant financial commitment, will do well to cover all their bases.  Due diligence investigations take an intense dive into the actual financial and structural state of your prospective business partner. 

  • Employee Work Verification/ Background Check 

Looking to fill a sensitive, high-profile job opening in your company? Our team can thoroughly vet candidates in the Mississauga area.  We will uncover their criminal history, financial history, past work experience, and reasons for departure, as well as uncovering potentially harmful internet footprints that could hurt your business in the future. 

  • Fraud

If you suspect any sort of foul play in your personal or corporate finances, our team of highly trained forensic investigators will covertly investigate the root of such fraudulent activities. Leverage our access to specialize financial tracking all’s, and the tenacity with which we pursue leads to proof and counteract fraud. 

Insurance fraud is also an area we cover diligently, with the leading insurance adjusters in the Toronto region employing our services in cases of suspected foul play. We work hand-in-hand with forensic science professionals to identify cases of sabotage to the end of fraudulent claims. 

  • Individual Tracking

PiPro’s Mississauga surveillance service can be employed to track individuals of interest, both physically and virtually. The need to locate individuals can be for debt collection, pursuing legal action, or just finding a missing loved one. We will leverage our extensive network of leads and resources to track the activities of your target, both I’m the real world and on the wide broad reach of the internet. 

  • Asset Investigation

Asset investigation services are available to provide an honest appraisal of an individual’s actual worth, rather than his/her purported value. We will uncover secret bank accounts, corporate holdings, investments, and positions. Never enter a financial relationship without first verifying their claims. 

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