What Everyone Ought To Know About Private Investigator In Mississauga

Private investigators are often confused with the fictional characters portrayed in books and movies. As much as we enjoy characters like Sherlock Holmes and Thomas Magnum, it is important to distinguish fact from fiction. 

The actual career of a private investigator is neither as thrilling nor as flashy as our favorite stories depict them. When you get down to it, private investigators are paid to gather facts, not arrest or prosecute criminals. 

That can mean spending long hours following suspects around in the hopes of obtaining even a small shred of evidence against them. 

In other words, you won’t see them chasing robbers on building rooftops or having a shootout in the middle of a street. The majority of their work is actually quite routine and ordinary. 

That being said, PiPro investigators provide crucial services to individuals and local businesses in Mississauga. Finding missing persons, conducting discreet surveillance or exeter research for criminal and/or financial investigations are just some of the services we provide. 

Before we go into detail on how these PiPro Private Investigations help businesses and individuals, let’s clarify what we DON’T do as private investigators. 

Let’s take a look:

Real life investigators vs Hollywood investigators

At PiPro, we feel that being transparent to our clients allows us to provide them with a superior level of service. Here are a few misconceptions that we often have to correct about what we do at PiPro Private Investigators. 

  1. We are not crime solvers: We focus on gathering information for clients rather than trying to solve a crime. 
  2. We avoid confrontations: The best cases we work on are those where our target never even knew they were being watched!
  3. We have computer skills: Modern detective movies like to show off fancy tech gadgets. We find that a lot of our work can be done using plain-looking databases to get information. 
  4. We have the best clientele: At PiPro, our mission is to serve businesses and individuals in Mississauga, not some secret, shady government organization. 
  5. Yes, we can hide our appearance: Process serving and conducting surveillance missions often requires that our targets do not hide from us. Wearing a disguise or uniform enables us top hand-deliver important court documents or film important evidence. 

Let’s dive in…

PiPro professional services help the Mississauga community

The real life of a private investigator may not be as spectacular as what you see in films. Make no mistake about it, however, their investigative skills and capabilities are nothing short of extraordinary. 

Most importantly, PiPro investigators use their highly developed skills and resources to make a real difference in the Mississauga community. Here are some of the professional services that PiPro Private Investigators provide. 

If you need to get in touch with our professional investigators today, you can reach us by calling 416-912-7755 or by email at:

PiPro offers the best quality investigative services

Locate missing or lost persons

Each year, thousands of people are reported as lost or missing in Mississauga. Needless to say, this can have devastating effects within the local communities. 

In addition to the heartbreaking effects, missing persons can have health consequences, time off work and lost wages as a result of the search. 

When a person goes missing, time is your most valuable asset. The sooner you are able to get into action, the higher your chances of recovery become. 

A private investigator will jump into action as soon as they are notified of a missing person case. Their research can go in tandem with the efforts of the local authorities. 

When you hire PiPro PI’s, they will use their skills and strategies like surveillance, investigation and physical searches to find the relevant evidence. 

Locate missing or hidden assets

Individuals and/or businesses will often attempt to minimize their true net worth when they become the targets  of a potential lawsuit. For an ordinary citizen, uncovering the true worth of a person or organization can be a gargantuan task. 

If you’re not careful, your mistakes can land you in hot water in the courts. 

Pipro private investigators have years of experience in the investigative field. Not only are their methods and skills highly developed, but they are also trained in observing deceitful behaviors. 

Discreet surveillance

A good PI knows the importance of conducting covert, discreet surveillance on their subjects. Before you even think of tailing a potential subject and recording them on your iPhone, you need to consider potential privacy law violations. 

A professional PI sticks to legal methods of surveillance that will be admissible in court. Not only that, but they can carry out the process in a discreet manner that will catch their targets totally off guard in court. 

If you are having a problem and do not know how to proceed, give our PiPro Private Investigators a call today. We can be reached 24 hours a day at 416-912-7755 or by email at:


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